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This is a free resource that tells you everything you need to know about getting a loft conversion in bristol. A loft conversion is a big investment and it’s vital that you find a competent contractor that can suit your needs and service you impeccably well.

There are a lot of horror stories when it comes to loft conversions so this loft guide will help you avoid choosing a contractor that is not the best option for you.


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Here’s a list of things you need to ask a potential loft conversion contractor in bristol. 

Do you offer a guarantee on all of your work AND materials that you use?

It’s important that whoever you select to do your loft conversion is confident in his own ability to give you the loft space of your dreams. You must ask if they offer a guarantee on workmanship and materials.

A good installer will be able to give you a 10 year insurance backed guarantee on all of their work.

Do You Have An Office Or Real Location Where You Do Business For Loft Conversions Bristol?

A competent contractor will be perfectly willing to give you the address of the place where they do business so that you can pop in if there are any problems. If they don’t have an office then they should give you their home address. This shows that they have every intention of carrying out a quality job and have nothing to hide.

Can I See Your Previous Work And Testimonials From Your Loft Conversions Bristol?

If your loft conversion bristol contractor doesn’t have photos of previous work and a long list of previous happy customers i’d be very careful of choosing them.

There are exceptions, like if a skilled loft conversion specialist is new in the area for example.

However, it’s always best to go with the longer established guy who has a long list of happy customers and pictures of quality work.

These are the Magic 3 Questions you need to ask every loft conversion contractor before hiring them. If you get good answers to these questions, the guy is probably a goer.

However, there’s a few more things you can do to ensure you don’t get ripped off with your loft conversion in bristol.

Don’t Hire A Bristol Loft Conversions Specialist Based On Price Alone!

If your are on a tight budget for your project it is always tempting to hire the cheapest company. This is NOT a good idea when it comes to creating your dream loft space and going with the cheapest option often results in problems down the line.

A loft conversion is an INVESTMENT and a well done loft will actually add more value to your house than the cost of the project (in many cases). If one contractor gives you a quote of £25,000 but doesn’t have a long track record of successful loft installations and another quotes you £30,000 but DOES, you’d be a fool to not go with the better guy.

A loft conversion is NOT the place to try and get a bargain, deal, mates rate or anything else. It needs to be done to a high standard and quality is essential.

Is A Loft Conversion Bristol A Good Investment?

It’s very common knowledge that a well done loft conversion completed to a high standard will add a good amount of value to your home. When you are investing in a loft conversion bristol you’ll need to be very sensible with your project in order for it to make you money.

For example if you go out and put a £20,000 bathroom suite inside of your new loft then you’ll be eating into the value that the loft itself has created.

So in short, a loft conversion can be a very safe investment that creates extra room and pays for itself providing you don’t go crazy with the fixtures and fittings as it will eat into your profit.

How Long Will A Loft Conversions Bristol Take To Complete?

A loft conversion in bristol will take about 4-6 weeks to complete based on the contractor you choose and the size of your project!

Here is a video of a loft conversion being completed:

Your Loft Conversions Bristol Can Be Very Non-Intrusive!

A less experienced and less professional loft conversion expert in bristol may go through your house in order to gain access to your loft. This is the wrong way to go about a loft conversion.

A professional and experienced bristol loft conversion specialist will use a scaffold from the outside of you property to gain access to your loft. This will keep your house clean and separate from the project. It also allows the tradesman to be very efficient with their work.

Check out this video of a loft conversion being completed!


Loft Conversions Bristol – Prices 

Obviously it’s very difficult to give you an accurate price for your loft conversion in bristol but I can tell you that prices will range from £18000-£35,000.

On the low end of 18k you’d be looking at a one room in the loft with a basic bathroom and walk in wardrobe. At the high end of 35k you’d be looking at two bedrooms in the loft and maybe a bathroom with dormer windows and so on.

Until you get a quote for your project it really is guesswork but remember a loft conversion is an investment that very often pays for itself.

Good Luck With Your Loft Conversions Project In Bristol!

I hope that this article has given you some insight on when you get serious about your loft conversion project. I also urge you to take advantage of the 3 questions you must ask a loft conversion contractor to save you from getting ripped off!

Good luck with your loft conversion bristol project and I hope you get your dream living space.