Here is what I see what has happened in Arkansas People First

December 18, 2013

Back in 2011 when the APF DDC grant expired, Megan Dunaway sent out a email letting everybody know that the grant was expiring and that APF would cease to exist without funding as we know it. Now there may be some people that believes that APF has folded. I have reason to doubt this. As I have been in contact with APF members and chapter advisers. I have been in contact with Camden Chapter adviser, Peggy Freeland and with a Pine Bluff chapter adviser, Pam Pinkins and others in APF and I have told them that APF is still alive and going that we are still having conference calls and taking care of business. So for anyone to believe that APF had folded and is no longer valid, really cannot be true.

But what I see what has happened, is that members has lost interest in APF and their interests has changed to doing and being involved in other things and activities. There are some chapters that are inactive, the Hope chapter is inactive, the Northwest Arkansas Chapter, this is the Fayetteville Chapter is inactive and the Searcy Chapter is inactive as there has not been a meeting of the Searcy Chapter in quite a while.

So one thing that I see that we need to do in APF, is to do something to get the members interested in things again and to get them back involved in things. We need to do something to get all of the state board members to be on all of the state board calls along with all of the chapter advisers. One thing that we could do, is to have a state wide fund raiser and/or do something that would be fun to do, that would get the APF members interested in things again and get them back active in doing things. Now one thing that each local chapter could do, is to have a fun day about once a month or maybe every two months. But the chapters could plan to have fun days where they would get out and do something that is fun and have a social time and and time to get together and also do events where they could meet people in their communities and to get the word out about Arkansas People First and their local chapters.

Joel Fuller
Arkansas People First State President.

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2 comments on “Here is what I see what has happened in Arkansas People First

  1. Gayle Aultman on said:

    I am the Director of Adult Services for Lonoke Exceptional Development Center in Lonoke, AR. I would really like more information on how to get our adult consumers involved with People First. I see meetings being held at night being an issue for our adult consumers to attend. I would appreciate any information you could send my way.

    Thank you!

  2. Replied to by email

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